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Clean. Confident.

Our Natural Process

           During the course of 90–120 minutes, our technicians  deploy a four step natural cleaning process, beginning by finding  trouble spots and moving light furniture. Next, a power rake and vacuum dislodge nasty  particles and dust bunnies hiding deep inside the carpet. After pretreating stains, the grime-tackling team bathes carpets with a natural enzymatic solution that organically digests dirt and oils. Depending on how soiled the area is, the solution dries in about two hours to help mitigate mold and mildew, leaving behind no soap residue or water puddles. Your carpets deserve to be CONFIDENT again! Let us get them back to the way they need to be! Carpets are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Everything filters through your homes carpet. You can trust that we will thoroughly sanitize and treat you carpets, and get them there healthier state that is needed. 

          Clean. Confident. Healthy. 





Carpet Cleaning includes deodorizer and carpet protectant

3 rooms plus Hall - $182.00

4 rooms plus Hall - $232.00

5 rooms plus Hall- $ 282.00

6 rooms plus Hall- $332.00


Additional Services

Stairs - $4-10 per stair ( $10 per stairs includes Carpet Protectant)

Pet Treatment - $44.95 per application, some areas take multiple applications.

Soil Retardent/ Carpet Protectant- $ 35.00 Per Area treated



Sectional- $ 224.95 includes deodorizer disinfectant , soil retardent

ove Seat- $122.50 includes deodorizer disinfectant , soil retardent

Chairs - $22.95- 55.95 depending on size

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